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Turn your online newspaper or blog into a reliable resource for Google News, regardless of whether you cover news topics or produce other types of news content.

Find out how to boost your visibility and attract more visitors to your site with our specialised consultancy service for Google News!

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Boost Your Online Presence with Our Google News Consultancy

Consultancy Service for Google News, the Global News Directory

Google News is one of the leading international platforms that aggregates and highlights content from recognised newspapers, blogs and publishers. Being present on Google News means gaining greater indexing and a significant increase in traffic to your site.

However, access to this platform is not easy, given the strict requirements imposed by Google, especially in the age of fake news. To ensure that you meet these high standards and protect both yourself and your users, it is essential to rely on professionals.

The criteria required by Google News are numerous and stringent, including aspects such as the composition of the editorial team, frequency of publication and correct use of language. Managing these requirements can be burdensome, especially for those who already have the task of running a business.

For this reason, we provide you with our Google News consulting service to help you effectively enter the news directory most used by users looking for up-to-date and reliable information.

Optimise Visibility with Google News to Increase Traffic and Conversions

Become a benchmark in your industry by appearing prominently in Google News. We will help you position your site so that you are among the first to provide answers and relevant information to those seeking news in your field.

We focus on the originality and quality of the content: we avoid duplication, ensure clear and relevant headlines, and ensure that the content is informative rather than purely commercial. We also work on the structure and architecture of your site, making it intuitive and easily navigable, with logical URLs, well-defined and accessible categories.

A crucial factor is the regularity of article publication, an aspect that often requires specialised expertise and cannot be managed in-house without adequate support.

With our Google News consulting, achieving top positions in search engines for news will become a concrete reality for your site.

How the Google News service works

Our consultancy service focuses on one key aspect: making your voice authoritative in your industry through Google News.

The key is to provide continuous, relevant updates in a style that is both informative and engaging.

We will teach you how to use a communicative tone that captures the attention of both your audience and the search engines.

With our guidance, your site or blog will not only be a mere participant in the vast world of online news, but will turn into a real point of reference for users and search engines, thus gaining a prominent and authoritative position in your professional sphere.

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